Process development is one of the key factors that can decide over success or failure of a company. If your process development team is doing a good job it is most likely that your company is heading towards a bright future. So how can you implement OKR in the process development? Keeping it simple, process development is about optimizing certain and especially the product processes in a company. OKR at the same time are meant to optimize the transparency, task, work and communication within the company. So OKR and process development are actually complementing each other and only need to be combined.

Process development in a startup

In your startup at the beginning you are trying to keep everything lean, transparent and at the optimum. Although a lot of startups do not think of process development as necessary in such a small company it is actually not to be neglected. As a startup you are never able to predict the future, it could be that in one year from now, you are out of business or your company could be skyrocketing and you need to triple your employee number asap. So by implementing certain processes from the start you are able to prepare your team for a quick growth. It will be much easier for newcomers to adapt to certain routines when you have proper processes in place. Also it will be simpler for you to replace team members. Quite often you will notice that not every person that used to be great in the starting phase of your company will remain being the number one, once your company starts to be growing. There are just certain kind of people that are too entrepreneurial to work in bigger companies and the other way round.

Process development with OKR

Bigger companies usually have proper process development teams full of scientist working for them and mathematically optimizing each process in your company. Obviously as a startup you will not be able to hire such kind of specialists nor will you want to do that. But how are you able to push certain processes in place and optimize what you have done at the same time? Well here again OKR are actually a help. With the OKR method you are able to structure your whole teams work simply and keep it transparent at the same time. Also a major advantage of using OKR is its grading system. With this straight forward system you can measure and track your team’s performance at one glance. And there you go, by deciding to use OKR you have already put your first process in place. Every team member of your company needs to first set OKR. Also because of the transparency of this system newcomer won’t face a problem of understanding what your company is working on and what the direction will be.

Developing processes with OKR

Of course you will want to have more processes in place besides using OKR itself, but as a small startup how would you start doing that? Will you end up writing and rewriting a massive manual or will your processes be only remembered verbally? Again here OKR will help you. By letting yourself think clearly about what kind of process you want to have into place the OKR method forces you to write down your objectives and split them up into key results. This method is qualitatively using all your brain cells as you need to put 100% of your focus into this task. Quickly you will see what processes are actually relevant to have and how you would even start implementing these. And by sharing your OKR simply with the rest of your team, everyone will not just see the finished process but rather understand that process because they can see your thought structure.

Not many startups think about process development at all, but it is actually an important factor to consider, it will ease the pain and stress of growing quickly. Using OKR will simplify the way you develop new processes and it is a ritual like process itself, so start using them.

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