When working with OKR, it is extremely important to always keep track of your team performance. The beauty about the whole OKR method is, that you are able to simply measure OKR as they come with a pretty straight forward grading system. Read further about how to grade OKR.

Team performance through motivation

OKR are meant to enhance your overall team performance by motivating your whole team in such a way, that everyone is fully responsible for the company as such as themselves. As OKR are set from bottom to top, everyone is included, what helps to get rid of the typical employee mentality. Especially in startups which cannot offer lucrative pay cheques it is important that you are able to motivate your employees to keep and insure a high team performance.

Use the transparency

As OKR are meant to create a certain level of transparency in your company it is also upon you that you regularly check on your team members seeing if you can help them. OKR give you the opportunity to actually see what each person in your startup is working on, so you can actually prepare yourself and offer them help in their individual working areas. This will strengthen and create a bond between your as founder and your team members. Such a transparent and trusting relationship will boost your team performance.

Evaluate in the team

When it is time to evaluate your OKR make sure you create a team atmosphere around it. Get everyone together and evaluate your current OKR standing, on the company, team and team member levels. You should present the company standings while the team managers present the team levels. Also everyone should be able to summarize in one sentence their current standings and how they performed with their respecting OKR. Again you will notice that creating such a team atmosphere while you are evaluating the team will boost your team performance greatly. This is exactly where you want to be, a startup almost like a family.

Boosting your team performance is very important, you will only achieve that if you keep a constant track on your team performance and evaluate together as a team. Do not evaluate them down but rather create an open atmosphere where everyone can criticize themselves or praise themselves as well.

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