Is the overall dream or vision that a company wants to achieve in the future.
Is an emotionally influenced long term target that a person or institution intends to achieve.
Is the process of defining long term targets and writing them down.
Are milestones that need to be achieved on the way to accomplishing an objective.
OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results a term coined in the 1990s by Intel. OKR is directed to simplify and organize work tasks in a company
Rational targets in the nearby future that have a clear purpose and that have a clear direction and are set objectively.
The design and creation of certain tasks and routines in a company.
The measurement and evaluation of work accomplished in a company.
A young company with the intention to revolutionize how things are done.
Tasks that need to be done in accordance to achieve anything.
The quality which can be rated of things that need to be done in a company.