When using OKR the company performance review is one of the main parts you will be able to do much quicker than you used to before. The beauty of the OKR method is, that it comes with a simple grading system that allows you to understand the current company performance at one glance. And the time spend on your performance review will decrease dramatically. Not only will your overall performance go up but also the time intensive performance review will ease and that whole process will be simplified.

Performance review with OKR

Now that you are using OKR in your company every objective and key result will be measured on a simple scale from 0 to 1. With 1 being the best and also being equivalent to a 100%. Now keep in mind that your company has three different levels of objectives. The company level objectives, the team level objectives and the team member objectives. Also keep in mind that each level is build upon the previous level. Now, while everyone is carrying out their to do’s in order to achieve their respective key results they will need to grade each key result they have achieved. The grade of each key result results in the final grade for the objective, which again will give you a great overview over the company performance.

When to review

Performance reviews are quite important to do on a regular basis. By using OKR you are basically able to always check into the current situation of performance. But as OKR are always set annually and quarterly you should always set a big performance review at the end of each quarter, where you will check the past results and you can directly use the won knowledge for the new OKR period, when you are setting them.

timeline OKR

Now that you know how a company performance review should be done using OKR and when to do it, you will notice how simple the whole process is basically. By using OKR you are actually able to adapt to changes with ease and you are always up to date with the current performance of your company.

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