OKR Basics

5 steps to change your life with OKR

Have you reached the point in your life where you feel completely lost and hopeless and all you want to do is change your life? Whatever you try to do seems to fail or just get stuck in its basic roots and you are anxiously looking for a way out, a helping hand that gets […]

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Business Goals and Objectives

I have seen many companies that set their business goals and objectives on a monthly or sometimes even weekly basis. This method of business goal setting leads quite often to endless meetings without a proper outcome. Everyone leaves the meeting room frustrated and the overall company performance suffers. What do companies do wrong? As we […]

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Where to use OKR

Objectives & Key Results are commonly used in companies to make business process and the interaction between management and employees simpler and more transparent. So most people think that this is the only usage of the OKR method. But this is not entirely correct.

Of course Objectives and Key Results come originally from companies and are […]

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What is a Key Result

What is a Key Result? To understand what is a key result let’s analyze what OKR is. The OKR method consists out of objectives and key results, these key results are like the term already indicates the key element of the OKR approach. Key Results are a factor leading to objectives, but pay caution here, […]

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What is an Objective

You might wonder what is an objective? To explain correctly what is an objective we have to analyze Objectives and Key Results more deeply. The OKR approach is made up of objectives and key results. To understand OKR’s successfully we have to make clear what an objective is and how it influences the whole process. […]

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The difference between Objectives & Key Results and Goal setting

What is the difference between the OKR method and regular goal setting? At the first glance objectives and key results will not seem to differ a lot from regular methods and it rather seems like another terminology for the same thing. But actually they differ a lot if you understand the true nature behind objectives […]

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4 rules to understand Objectives and Key Results

The entrepreneurial scene talks more and more about objectives and key results or also known as OKR. Although objectives and key results are not as new as some people might think, this OKR approach of structuring targets in a company has become more and more popular recently. OKR’s were invented by Intel in the 1990’s […]

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