Using Objectives and Key Results in your company can have a major impact on your whole company structure and working behavior of employees. So you will want to make sure to implement OKR successfully in your company. The following five steps will simplify the way you implement OKR.

#1 Be prepared

The first step of course is to be fully prepared to implement OKR. Make sure that your company should use OKR and you should be fully aware what OKR are. Preparing to implement OKR does not only mean that you read a lot about that topic but you should have also tested it first hand. To do this correctly it is recommended to take a testing period of one month and start to implement OKR in your personal work. You will get know how to use OKR and you will be able to see if you like working with it. If your opinion is still the same after the testing phase it is time to move on to the second step.

#2 Get everyone involved

This is probably the most important step while introducing OKR. As OKR itself is all about transparency that is also the most important thing you need to do. After you have decided that you want to implement OKR in your company send out an email to every employee notifying them of the coming change as well as explaining what OKR are and also include a link to OKR Basics for everyone to simply understand the basics of OKR. Next what you need to do is schedule a company meeting, and a management meeting. You want to inform your management team about OKR and how it should be used and also you want to personally inform your whole company what OKR are and how you intend to implement OKR.

#3 Train to implement OKR

It might sound silly but it is actually a very important step. OKR is not implemented from one day to the other but it is rather a process that can take up to a month if you want it to work on all different levels correctly. So what you need to do after explaining everyone what OKR are, is you need to let everyone test using OKR. Set a testing period aside depending on the size of the company between one month and two. Let everyone test and train first setting team objectives and key results as well as personal objectives and key results. You will notice that in the real world it is not as easy to get everyone to set appropriate OKR right from the start. It will take some time until everyone is used to that way of structuring their thought process and organizing work tasks.

#4 Get them excited

When you implement OKR it is your personal duty to oversee the whole process and make sure that no one faces any trouble while implementing it. At the beginning changing the current way of structuring work to the new way can be a challenging task for everyone so you need to keep them motivated and excited. As OKR are set from the bottom to top and everyone is responsible for not only setting their own OKR but also for the team ones it is especially important that you keep everyone focused. Your company relies on your team and this is the first time that everyone actually knows that which grants a great amount of responsibility to your team members which also can be quite a heavy one to wear for the first time.

#5 Implement OKR

The final step is to completely implement OKR now. If you have followed the first four steps this should not be a problem for you. As you have gotten everyone involved and excited about OKR and you have granted a testing period it is now time to set the first OKR together. Here again make sure everyone is involved and ready to start using OKR on a daily basis. Once you have set the company OKR publish them to the rest of your company and gather feedback. Use that feedback. The next step is that you let your different teams or departments set their own OKR and after that comes the last stage the personal OKR.

If you have followed those five steps you should have been able to implement OKR successfully in your company. Congratulations! You will notice in no time that the working structure will improve the company will be able to actually make progress more easily and your team motivation will go up. Keep on reading to see how you should evaluate your company performance.

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