Have you reached the point in your life where you feel completely lost and hopeless and all you want to do is change your life? Whatever you try to do seems to fail or just get stuck in its basic roots and you are anxiously looking for a way out, a helping hand that gets you back on your feet and to change your life? Well let me tell you, I have been there as so many other people as well. A good way to help you change your life and get back on top of it again is the OKR method or also known as objectives and key results.
Objectives and Key Results come originally from the management purpose of companies, but what many don’t realize is that its power can also be used for personal matters such as helping you change your life!

Implementing Objectives and Key Results in your everyday life can be very simple and with those following five steps you can change your life!

#1 Understand OKR

Knowledge is power so is the understanding of OKR if you are serious about changing your life. So what is OKR? Objectives and Key Results is a method of structuring your thought and work process in this case it will help you set yourself clear targets for the year which you can follow step by step without getting distracted or losing the path back to happiness. If you are not quite sure what OKR are read the article about the meaning of objectives and key results.

#2 Brainstorm

I know it can be very hard and tricky to find the peace of mind needed in such hard times and it would be simpler just following someone telling you what to do, but nobody can actually tell you what to do except yourself, so it is utterly important that you find a way to relax and write down all your thoughts. When you are trying to change your life be clear about what you want, write all you want to achieve down and let the paper sit for a day and have another look at it the next day. When you are still convinced that those thoughts are the things you want to achieve then you are already coming to the next step. If you fail to be clear about what you want repeat this process as often as needed until you are sure about in what you want to change your life.

#3 Setting your goal

Remember that you have already fixed your mind on a major part of how you want to change your life? Good. Now it is time to have a closer look at your final goal which you will pursue in the coming year. To explain that part better let me give you an example. Let’s assume you have just lost your job and you have a family to feed but you are not sure how you are able to manage all that in short time, because you don’t have much savings and no one is paying that good in your current profession. So after brainstorming you have decided that you don’t want to go through the same struggle again, getting a job and just making ends meet just so you are back in the shits when you get fired. You wish to be financially free, so you can feed your family and you do not depend on this one job ever again. Well done, that is a great wish but now it is time to define that dream and create a goal for this year. Your goal for this year will be, being financially free! Keep in mind that a goal should be demanding and something you really want to achieve but also it should be at the same time hard to achieve and it is a bit vague. Read this to understand the difference between objectives and goals.

#4 Setting your Objectives and Key Results

Now after having defined our goal for this year, it is time to set our yearly objective as well as our quarterly objectives and our key results building up to our goal! Alright we have seen that the goal is to be financially free, now let’s define what that means. Being financially free does not necessarily mean having a couple of millions in your bank account but it rather means that you are not dependant on only one source of income! Your objective for the year should be exactly that having set up let’s say three different sources of income which support each other in such a way that if one breaks down you and your family can still survive without fearing bankruptcy. The next step is to define what kind of three sources of income you want to set up, such as get another job, start a part time online business and create your own educational videos. And there you go three major targets which you now need to put into four objectives. Per quarter you can have more objectives than one, so to keep it simple I’ll only state the objectives for the first quarter.

  • Objective 1: Get a job
  • Objective 2: Set up online business

There let’s stay with two objectives for the moment, the next step is to define these objectives into key results such as research jobs, send 50 resumés, get 3 interviews, brainstorm about business ideas, research product, set up website and so on…

This process needs to be repeated for the rest of the quarters and you see that by following those steps your goal for the year suddenly seems structured and actually achievable!

#5 Measuring your progress and change your life

The beauty about OKR is that after you have set up your basic structure you can just follow them step by step without getting distracted because you will always have your target in sight. It is very important that you always stay up to date with your key results cross of the to do’s on the way and celebrate a bit after successfully crossing off each key result. This process will give you a feeling of satisfaction and achievement along the way which will continue to boost your self esteem and suddenly your situation doesn’t look as bad anymore.

It does not matter how hard you fall do not forget that there is always a way you can stand back up and change your life! You just gotta stay true to yourself and use OKR as guide to achieve your ultimate goal!

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