After you have decided to use and implement OKR in your startup it is time that you also implement it correctly. The success or failure of using OKR highly depends on your introduction of OKR. The best way to prepare yourself for the usage of OKR in your startup is to test it yourself for two months. Simply structure your current working schedule around the OKR method and see if you can work using it and if you like working like that. Should you still be convinced that OKR is the way to go for you startup then follow these four steps to explain OKR to your team.

#1 Get them excited about OKR

The probably most important part of introducing OKR to your team is that you really need to get your team excited. Explain them all the benefits of using OKR in your company. Always start with pointing out the benefits of the new method you want to introduce. Starting like this will get your whole team already interested in how exactly you plan to use this method.

#2 Keep it simple

When you start explaining how exactly OKR will be used in your company and how OKR are build up, always stress that OKR is meant to be simple and easy to use. If you manage to point that out enough your team will be eager to try this new method without fearing that there will be extra work just using OKR.

#3 Test it

After you have successfully explained how OKR works set a trial period in which your whole team starts using OKR. Start with small game like tests until everyone is familiar with the new technique of setting objectives and key results. Make sure that you support everyone who seems not to be convinced with this method and remind him of the benefits and the simplicity.

#4 Get everyone involved

The most important step, which is also needed to maintain later once you implement OKR successfully, is to get and keep everyone involved in this process. OKR are meant to be set from bottom to top, everyone is responsible for their own objectives and key results, also for the team ones. Support each and every team member with using OKR. Make sure everyone starts to like working with this method. It is your responsibility to make sure everyone is comfortable with it. If you fail ensuring this, then your startup is most likely not able to implement OKR successfully.

Follow those four steps to implement OKR smoothly in your startup and to be able to explain this method to your team correctly. Only when you manage to get everyone involved and excited about it, you will be able to harvest the fruits of success.

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