A startup depends less on its product nor does it depend on the ruthlessness of its idea or the money that has been invested but it depends highly on its team. And with it on its team performance. As the founder it is your full responsibility to make sure your team performance is high and everyone is fully motivated and loves what they are doing. A startup fully depends on the motivation and on the abilities to its team members. Now that we have established the fact how important the team in its performance is, how are we able to track the team performance and actually measure it and see if we are heading in the right direction?

#1 Using OKR

Objectives and Key Results is not only a wonderful method of keeping your company transparent and organizing each team members working tasks but it is also a great way to keep track of your team performance. As OKR are set from bottom to top and everyone is responsible for their personal OKR as well as their team and company OKR everyone is obviously more motivated to work. Also as everyone is fully responsible for themselves they will use the grading system very honestly as it does not reflect one employee’s overall performance or ability but rather shows the progress of certain tasks. Through a simple grading system with a scale from 0 to 1 each key result and objective is graded. As 1 reflects a 100% of completion it is simple to see the team performance and the progress of the company.

#2 Keep your team close

As the navy seals say: “teamwork is your top priority”, it is for you. If you want to be able to track your team performance and be able to boost your team performance make sure that you have a good and close relationship to your team and that your team sees you as a part of it. No one likes a boss that just commands but rather someone who is close and boosts the teamwork. Once you are on a respectful level with your team members you will always be up to date with their struggles, thoughts and opinions hence it will be so much easier for you to actually track the real team performance instead of just tracking numbers on an excel sheet.

#3 Let them self govern

You can track your team performance by numbers on a paper and by communication. But what most people won’t tell you is that you can also track the performance without actually tracking it. Let your team track themselves. You can take the United States as a good example to see what happens when you let people govern themselves and track and evaluate their own performance. In most cases people tend to be thankful for that trust and that responsibility and will try to improve themselves and be the best they can. And you will not only notice an upward trend in team performance but you will also hear first hand reports on that particular performance by your team themselves. You spend less time trying to track the performance but instead you will get automatically team reports, either you get ones as they want recognition or you get bad ones when they are looking for help, in any case you will help both sides by giving your team that amount of trust and responsibility.

Team performance is the major key to a successful startup and you should always be up to date with the standings. There are three ways to keep track of your team, by numbers, by involvement and by pure trust. You can try to mix all of those approaches or you can just try one by after the other to see which one fits you and your team the best. Using those techniques makes your company more transparent and successful.

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