Use OKR in your company to improve transparency, organization, team motivation and overall performance. OKR are meant to improve you overall company performance by making your processes more transparent and involving everyone. Use OKR in your company when you feel that you need to improve certain processes dramatically and that your teams motivation could use a lift. So use OKR in your company to make a difference and change the way you are doing business at the moment. But how can you identify if you should use OKR in your company or not? There might be many circumstances in which it would be recommended to implement OKR but here are the three most important indicators to know that you should use OKR in your company.

#1 Low team motivation

Like every captain on a ship, as a business owner or manager you will know that if your team is not motivated and stands behind you, the company and its product it is very hard, nearly impossible to sail forward. That is indicator number one, a low team motivation needs to be changed as quick as possible you need to find something to improve the motivation of your team. So you can either start throwing around fancy salary raises, free food or common activities or you can actually make a difference. To be honest first to offer such a luxurious working atmosphere like some internet companies might have, is very expensive and not in every company field an advantage. But what actually can make a difference to your team members is giving them more trust, respect, involvement and responsibility. Everyone needs to feel 100% involved in the company’s activities, dreams and targets otherwise your people will not care about it. You can achieve that kind of involvement by implementing OKR.

#2 Repetition and misunderstandings

Be honest with yourself, how often did it happen to you that you ended up calling in endless team meetings, repeating the same tasks to the same or to different people just to get a simple task done? How often have people come back to you with questions you have just explained earlier? Or you have given to someone else and that person did not carry them on properly. Or how often have you been disappointed of the results your team gave you only because someone did not listen correctly? So who’s fault is all that? Is it yours because you cannot explain properly or is it theirs because they do not listen? Well in most cases it is neither’s. The root of that problem lies most of the times simply in the structure. You know that everyone is working on something but at the same time you will not know what they are working on, so you might come up with an idea and get your people to carry that particular mission out, without actually knowing if what they have been working on was very important or not. So what happens in such a situation? You start explaining your wishes fully informed about the topic you are talking about and your counterpart comes with a head full of different stuff to you and needs to fit this new information in. Can that be productive? Many companies reach a point where such misunderstandings happen all the time, we call that trouble of communication. So how can this problem be solved? Well yes again with implementing OKR. Use OKR in your company to prevent such little difficulties. OKR give you the opportunity of organizing and structuring all work tasks thoroughly and on top you will always be able to see what objectives which employee is working on which helps you decide to whom you will give new more spontaneous tasks.

#3 Endless team reports

We all know the drill, either every week or once a month you will get the heads of the departments together for an endless session of reporting. Who did what, where do we stand and why did that happen. And by the end of exhausting reports it is your turn to tell them what needs to be fixed and changed. Well yes that’s the way business works, or is it? Let me tell you there is a simpler way to keep track of every progress and always be up to date with not only your departments but also even down to team member level! Yes you got it: Use OKR in your company! OKR will give you the transparency needed to see what everyone is working on and it will give you the chance to quickly implement changes or adopt new advancements. Also OKR comes with a simple grading system that allows you to measure and track results on a simple scale from 0 to 1. You will easily see in what your company made massive progress and what still needs to be fixed in the near future.

Now it is up to you to make the decision whether you should use OKR in your company or not. It is definitely a good and simple way to improve performance and transparency in your business.

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